About Us

A healthier, more conscious and happier life is our mission. We want our  society to develop a greater awareness of healthy eating. To create a  balance between body and mind plays a crucial role for us. We strengthen  the body with the wonderful resources of nature and thus achieve a more  vital life and a stronger immune system. 

We do not only invite you to have a meal with us, but also to have an  extraordinary experience! 

The Haelthy Café in Berlin is one of the first branches where you can let  your mind wander. We are already planning to open Haelthy Cafés &  Lounges all over the world. 

With natural scents and sounds, you can leave your stresful everyday life  behind you and let our attentive teams pamper you.


Discover your center and get a little clo ser to nature. We do not only want to  no urish your body with our natural ingredients, but also to make you, your mind  and your body feel good. Our lovely team, our values and our morality are  supposed to make you feel free of all worries. With us, everyone is always welcome, whether poor or rich, whether young or old, whether white or black. 

Our mission is to improve your quality of life and to get your immunesystem and  body up to speed. We make careful use of the advantages of nature. Haelthy only  uses organic and sugar-free products. We always make sure that the food and products we offer are free from sugar and additives. Very important to us is our  ecological foodprint and for this reason we only use bio degradable materials. 

We stand for a sustainable environment and do our best to preserve our nature.  In harmony with nature, we advocate a healthy diet.

„Once I was at a stage in my life where I had lost all hopes – Until the healing forces of nature literally brought me back to life“

How it all began

The seeds of Haelthy were sown when our founder Ma tt went through a  difficult period in his life and became very sick. Almost given up all hopes  the power of nature with all its natural resources gave him back his  strength. He became obsessed with the idea of a world where everyone  sees the value of these natural given resources and how they can affect  our mental well-being. He wanted to prove that a healthy lifestyle is  possible for everyone and developed a concept in cooperation with a  nutrition specialist for healthy food and alternatives that boost your  immune system.